Protection against tampering of product packaging

Several times the brand owners have to grapple with issues related to tampering of their product packaging or even with the product itself. This is not only an issue by which the consumer gets conned but also a lot times, the brand owners have to suffer due to lack of supply chain visibility, financial losses, unwarranted warrantee claims, demotivation to the authorised trade channels etc.

With ever-increasing technology imprints on the product packaging, there are increased violations of these sorts- the unique codes, barcodes, QR codes, scheme information, holograms etc are tempered by the trade channels putting the consumer, brand and authorised channels at huge disadvantage.

There is a need to take very firm actions against such violations under the trademark act and also provisions of the IPC. Such violations can be acted against both by way of a criminal or a civil enforcement. Few of such enforcement actions, coupled with Swift actions and information campaigns, can help brand owners to effectively overcome these issues and consolidate their positioning in the market. is one such initiative & an online platform, which allows such violations to be captured by its huge network and also acted on by the professional network. The activities can also be done on all the 3 tiers above for enhanced benefit. The knowledge management tool, social platforms and the BTL tools allow proper trainings and knowledge dissemination for a continued advantage to the brand owners.

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