Enforcement Actions

Enforcement Actions

Brands & Fakes through its internal team of internet researchers, field agents, extended networks of volunteers, social groups, IP professionals and influencers execute the following enforcement actions

a) Criminal enforcement actions leading to a raid & seizure through law enforcement agencies like the police/ customs

b) Civil enforcement actions, again leading to raid & seizure through a court monitored local commissioner.

Enforcement actions are executed by brand & fakes using IT enables automation processes. A world class LAMS ( lead and action management system) is used, which is incorporating the best practices for IP enforcement actions, managing the full lifecycle of an identification of a violation and successful enforcement action. This LAMS brings the process automation, transparency, controls and collaboration on a real time online basis.

The LAMS for IP enforcement lifecycle management brings all the stake holders (brands, information network, investigation network, enforcement agencies, law-firms & consumers) on a single online platform for enhanced visibility, accountability and controls in the whole process.

While first version of the LAMS has already been tested and used by many brand owners successfully, a next version of LAMS is already under advanced stage of development, this will involve the government enforcement agencies and other stake holders. Like most of the IT enabled projects, an innovative use of social media channels, mobile applications & analytical tools etc., are being used for a world class LAMS. This would help the stake holders to effectively manage the violations in offline and online mode.

Highlight of The Battle

  • An in house IP Research
    • Internal Brands & Fakes team focused only on IPR investigation, research and enforcement.
    • Pan India team of qualified IPR professionals, researchers and field agents.
    • Have been successfully delivering IP enforcement cases in three digits each year for various customers, industry segments and also leading law firms.
  • A Technology supported LAMS (Leads and actions management system)
    • Online dash boards for brands for enhanced transparency brands.
    • Online alerts and interventions for better control.
    • Ability to logically separate the phases of information gather, validations, investigations and enforcement actions and have multiple actors work on a single information for effective management and control.
  • Extended Information Gather mechanism
    • Ability to get information from hundreds of professional agencies, individual investigators, informers already in the trade.
    • Ability to get information from new sources of BnF like volunteers, NGO’s, trade actors, service providers and consumers.
    • Get more authenticity to the information and it’s source – As the source is not isolated but is a part of the transparent online process, thereby increasing the credibility & accountability.
  • Effective Information Validation process to decide on GO/ NOGO for the lead
    • Pool of professional validators and third party specialists for on field validation.
    • Standard tools & process for research on information gathered and the source of information.
    • Controls by having custom interventions in professes like sample collection, validation and approvals.
  • Extensive information investigations for effective actions and evidence gathering
    • Investigations can be done by same or different agencies including our team.
    • Standardization of reports.
    • Validation and control process for approvals of investigations and compliances for evidences required for enforcement actions.
  • Cleaner criminal enforcement action
    • Standardized processes for POA.
    • Checklists for filing complaints and validations.
    • Centralized team of experts and advisors for urgent support during actions.
  • Conclusive civil enforcement action
    • Tie up with leading law firms.
    • Direct contracted lawyers for managing internal cases.
    • Pool of professional lawyers at various locations for local support.