Proactive Protection & Engagement Programs

Proactive Protection & Engagement Programs

In the new paradigm of brand protection,, offers very unique value proposition to brand owners and offers a pro-active vigil on the market and various entities in the trade, through traditional on-ground and many real time & online activities. While a large number of field volunteers, informers, professional IPR investigators, social services groups etc. continue to gather field information, many online tools are used for scanning the online portals & use of social media to increases the level of information collected and also act on real time basis.

Brands and Fakes also uses many direct marketing tools to create awareness, for information pull & create fear, among the entities in the trade, to dissuade them from violating a brand.

Coupled with these are training & capacity building of internal and external teams and field activities of innovative engagement with government enforcement agencies & roadshows/ workshops and events.

Highlights of Trade campaigns & consumer campaigns

Objective is to continuously give message to the trade that their actions and being watched and noncompliance will be handled very firmly

  • Customized campaigns for specific brand for their specific objectives
  • The campaign will be following types:
    • SMS campaigns
    • Digital communication – email, social apps etc.
    • Trainings & capacity building – Internal and external entities (employees, channels, government agencies like customs etc.
    • Online campaigns
    • Social media plans & engagements
    • Road shows
  • Joint workshops or independent workshops for brand positioning and specific communication either direct or subtle
  • An methodology for continuous health evaluation of the channels in specific regions

Our experience with doing these activities for many leading brands have shown that activities across all there 3 Tiers are able to deliver measurable cost effective 360 degree benefits to the brand owners, quarter on quarter & year on year.