Leveraging consumer awareness workshops for brand protection

Consumer-driven brand protection has been gaining stream. Many brand owners have seen huge benefits from the consumer-driven brand protection. Wherever brand owners have used it along with legal-driven brand protection, the results have been really amazing.

One of the important aspects of consumer-driven brand protection is consumer awareness, education and engagement. Many organizations have been running over-the-top initiatives for achieving the consumer driven brand protection. Somehow the tendency is also to use these initiatives/activities alongside brand promotion and engage consumer differently.

Many brand owners have used consumer awareness workshops, specifically centered around brand protection. These workshops use innovative approach to educate & engage consumers in brand protection. The advantage is that the consumers can identify the counterfeit and not only report the same to the brand owners but also to confront the seller and put him in the corner.

Such workshops for bulk consumers have delivered great benefits to the consumers and also to brand owners in controlling the mess and carry out highly targeted remedial actions.

If we purely look from a marketing angle, the generic product/technical workshops or seminars are losing stream and it is extremely challenging to bring the right people to these seminars. In such a scenario, workshops/seminars on brand protection not only related to the specific brand but also broadly covering various aspects of IPR, product features, packaging, identifiers, statutes, consumer rights, taxation etc have amazing participation and subsequent consumer engagements.

One added factor to such activities is that the impact on revenue, sales channels, product visibility, availability etc is directly measurable.

www.brandsandfakes.com through its 3-Tier engagement model of brand protection has been organizing these workshops, which are sponsored by brand owners and have been working extensively for the benefit of brands and consumers.

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