Knowledge Management for effective IP Protection

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There have been very little efforts by either the brand owners or industry associations to create a solid knowledge management platform for fight against counterfeits and other IP violations. There are serious gaps in the knowledge possessed by various stake holders. Today, the need is to create a comprehensive online knowledge repository/ knowledge platform.

This knowledge platform first need to address the two broad issues related to (a) capacity building of stake holder ( internal & external), (b) collaboration between the brand owners and then, an online collaboration between the brand owners & consumers.

The main features of such a knowledge platform will be

1. Online database of historic actions executed by a brand or its peer in an industry vertical/sub vertical.
2. Online database of leading case laws for specific IP issues and the relief got in by various organizations across industry segments.
3. Online Knowledge dossiers ( with online assessments) targeted for specific actors like – the sales professionals, the marketing & branding professionals, the sales/ distribution channel entities, compliance & finance professionals, government enforcement organizations, service providers like IP investigators and lawyers etc.
4. A mechanism to share & collaborate online on various IP matters using online chat & other KM tools – either within specific functional groups, or within organization in similar trade, or industry in general. has built an online collaboration platform, which works across industry segments and helps brands to create industry specific knowledge repository and interact with each other on a real-time basis using mobile and web platforms. This collaboration tool allows brand owners to further create close communities among their peers and interact online for mutual benefits. It is expected that adoption to the such technology tools in today’s time, can not only help organizations to effectively protect their IP but also protect their consumers from being cheated by compromised products & services.

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