Driving optimal value of counterfeit actions

Brand owners have very divergent view and approach on calculating the ROI/ value driven out of the counterfeit actions. “So called” professional organisations look at from seizure value, business promoters look at purely from emotional issues and few others look at from brand goodwill in the financial books.

Out of these, seizure value is the worst to look-at. Many industry veterans will argue that, other methods have the issues related to the “right budget” and calculations of ROI & value delivered. So, the right thing will be to look at these actions & investments from the market impact perspective. It can be measured from the short term impact on revenue in specific markets and long term impact on trade channels & customers.

To do this, each of these actions need not be looked-at in isolation, for a specific market (or geography) the brand owners need to device a strategy and decide on an expected output in terms of availability of counterfeits at various trade counters. So, the strategy needs to club various activities a) the reactive legal driven enforcements and b) proactive swift actions & other engagements/ campaigns. Many of these activities need to be managed by the sales & marketing teams and supported by the legal teams ( that too only for the legal driven brand protection).

The measurement of impact of these actions by the sales & marketing teams is best thing to have. The direct revenue impact, availability at various counters, motivation & engagement levels of the authorised channels, increase in market availability, enhancement of authorised channels etc can be other measures. Some of these parameters, which earlier could not be measured, can be easily measured with use of many sophisticated tools like CRM, DMS, analytical software etc

Mobile devices for primary data capture and use of these tools have really made a lot of difference in measuring impact of the counterfeit activities.

www.brandsandfakes.com has created an ecosystem, a mechanism and tools to help brand owners not only to carry out effective brand protection activities but also scientifically measure their impact.

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