Misleading Communications & Campaigns by Competition

Competition may carry out a false and misleading propaganda either for his own product or that of its competition, with a view to give wrong information to the consumers. These communications are of greater significance especially in age of internet and social media/ social networks, as these are easily propagated with many times, no back […]

False Product Claims by Competition

Competition many times makes false claims on the products, ingredient, properties, effectiveness, shelf-life, deliveries, benefits, post sales services, parts availability, packaging and safety features etc. These false claims give undue advantage to the competition product by misleading consumers, misleading trade and on a broader level has a direct impact on the market share of the […]

Unfair Compliance Claims by Competition

Competition many times fraudulently claims compliance to various statutory or specific requirements of the geography/ industry/ product. As a result of these false claims & false compliance, the genuine complying brands are faced with an unfair competition of either being priced out or ability to offer better margins to the trade network. These competing organizations, […]