Contract Manufacturing Integrity

Many IP enforcement actions across the country have revealed that there is direct link of contract manufacturing integrity to availability of counterfeits and other violations to intellectual property of the brand owners. In today’s scenario brand owners are using contract manufacturing, sub-contracting of manufacturing processes, leasing, giving agencies etc., to drive growth, enter new markets, leveraging […]

Fact Verification for Alliances & Partnerships

Each organization has to tie up with many external entities for business. Particularly in the area of purchase and sales, there is a continuous need to align with organizations which are financial and ethically sound. There need to be enough due diligence done before taking any organization as partner and looking at the various aspects […]

Supply Chain Integrity

Supply chains involving inward/outbound logistics, service providers, suppliers and intermediaries, have many external interfaces to any organizational business. There are business interests, which many a time may not converge for the organization and these entities, which can be compromised for either the greed or some other external factors. The supply chain needs to be continuously […]