Proactive Protection & Engagement Programs

In the new paradigm of brand protection,, offers very unique value proposition to brand owners and offers a pro-active vigil on the market and various entities in the trade, through traditional on-ground and many real time & online activities. While a large number of field volunteers, informers, professional IPR investigators, social services groups etc. […]

Enforcement Actions

Brands & Fakes through its internal team of internet researchers, field agents, extended networks of volunteers, social groups, IP professionals and influencers execute the following enforcement actions a) Criminal enforcement actions leading to a raid & seizure through law enforcement agencies like the police/ customs b) Civil enforcement actions, again leading to raid & seizure […]

Swift Actions

Brand protection in India has been largely limited to conducting IP enforcement actions either by filing civil suits in courts or organizing criminal actions. On one hand, brand are spending good amount of money in undertaking these actions and on the other hand, there is very little, rather no conviction in either case. As a […]